About us

As a company we began to manufacture and renovate legal wigs in 1983 and have continued to supply the legal profession through our website Gifts4Lawers.

Our clients have included a Lord Chief Justice, Common Sergeant of the Old Bailey and Bernard Weatherill, the last speaker of the House of Commons to wear the Full Bottom Ceremonial Wig.

Our renovation service renews old and damaged legal wigs to their former glory. We continue to receive complimentary comments (e.g. as good as new) after renovating legal wigs.

Gifts4Lawyers supplies Barristers Wigs and Judges Wigs worldwide to countries whose Judiciary system still requires them to be worn. One of these wigs was used as a mould for a barrister’s wig sculpture in solid bronze.

It is mounted on a stainless steel plate and is installed in the building which houses the Federal Courts Canada.